It Can Only Be Used Once is a short film directed by famed veteran actor Michael Delorenzo (CSI Miami, N.Y. Undercover, Resurrection Blvd). This smart short film tells the story of a mystery man with a 'specific skill set' that comes to the aid of a couple with a problem... But there is ALWAYS a catch!

Create Option C - My Journey With Cancer is a feature documentary of actress Lourdes Colon's battle with cancer. This film has already been awarded BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY in several international film festivals


The Internationals is an action feature film featuring a group of young international military fighters and their tough veteran leader determined to protect a young boy, whose family was murdered. Now they must figure out who are the good guys and bad guys before they all end up dead!

The Power Of One is the Official Music Video for the theme song for After School

What The Heck Is Dialysis... And How Did I Get Here?!  is a feature documentary was inspired by the short film titled The Real Faces Of Dialysis, which was created for the U.S. Congress to prevent proposed cuts to dialysis patient care.This feature film will differ and is for general audiences with a lively and educational exploration into how how we get kidney disease, how we live (or die) with it and we can prevent it. UPDATE: We STOPPED those proposed cuts and passed a new bill in 2016!

Encounters  is an award-winning web-series, produced in association with Angel Flight Media, about sharing one last conversation with those on the other side. If you had a few precious moments to say everything that's in your heart.  What would you say?  What would you do? Imagen Award Winner! - Best Web Series

Between The Lights - Short Film - Mike (Justin Huen) struggles with guilt after losing his best friend (Alvaro Orlando) to a night of drunk driving

The Power Of One

It Can only be used once


What The Heck Is Dialysis... and how did i get here?

create option "c"

Between The Lights

after school

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After School is a feature film about a troubled young boy with a terrifying secret, which explodes at school, and a former teacher and a tough cop try to defuse this powder keg. This film has won BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTOR.

Fighting Chance is a feature film about an ex-thug that's determined to remove his nephew from his drug-addicted sister. With the help of friends, he throws a fundraiser to help get him out of the hood for good.


Between The Lights

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Sin Verguenzas is a comedy feature film about two bumbling thieves, better suited for robbing a lunch truck than a Brinks truck, accidentally rob a chainsaw wielding Mafioso and now are forced to take on the heist of a lifetime in order to stay alive.