True Form Films, Inc. is an experienced and culturally diverse, full service production company and our goal is to always deliver powerful, high quality solutions for all of your production needs.

TFF was founded in 2006 by actress Yeniffer Behrens.  After achieving her dream of becoming a successful working actress, Yeniffer realized how much she also loved the production side of filmmaking. Her vision was to create films that matter and inspire people. 

Yeniffer’s 1st project was to film a documentary about the importance of growing up bilingual in America. She believes in serendipity and both of her producing partners, DeWayne Cox and Mauricio Mendoza, each arrived at the perfect time. DeWayne Cox is a veteran director and producer of TV, commercials and music videos. Mauricio Mendoza is a veteran actor, director and producer of TV, music videos and stage.

In 2009, DeWayne Cox came aboard to co-produce the 1st Annual Multicultural Harmony Gala charity event to benefit children’s bilingual education.  They also partnered with Lourdes Colon and Chris LaVoy to shoot a docu-drama titled The Untitled Love Project. Unfortunately during filming, Lourdes was diagnosed with cancer.  After much consideration, Lourdes chose to share her painful journey with the world and they continued filming turning the Untitled Love Project into Create Option C:  My journey with Cancer.

In 2015, True Form Films produced the touching family and redemption titled Fighting Chance and recently completed filming the comedy feature titled SinVerguenzas! TFF recently completed filming an international action film, in Mexico, titled The Internationals. There is a new slate of film projects for 2017 that includes 2 exciting feature films and an important documentary!

True Form Films is making a difference one film at a time.